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Apologetics - Lesson 8

Apologetics - Christian Evidences

Book Lessons 26-28

  1. Write a brief essay on Babylon. Provide important information about this great city of the ancient world.
  2. Sum up five prophecies of Isaiah and Jeremiah concerning Babylon.
  3. Give an account of the fulfillment of three of these prophecies.
  4. The Lord prophesied against Tyre that many nations would come up against her. Identify two of these nations and name the ruler of each.
  5. Why does the author use space telling the story of Tyre? How does this tie in with Christian evidences? (p. 145)
  6. Edward J. Young identifies five essential elements in the O. T. concept of the Messiah: Supernatural, Eschatological, Authoritative or Regal, Soteriological, Deity. Define “eschatological,” “regal,” and “soteriological.”
  7. “The Lineage of the Messiah.” Identify five examples. Choose three of these five and identify and quote a Scripture that prophesies each one. Then identify and quote a Scripture that tells of the fulfillment of each one.
  8. Identify five main events in the life of the Messiah that were prophesied. Quote the Old Testament Scriptures containing these prophecies and list the New Testament Scriptures showing the fulfillment of the prophecies.

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