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Apologetics - Lesson 9

Apologetics - Christian Evidences

Book Lessons 29-31

  1. There are critics and scholars who do not accept the deity of Christ. Describe the view that many of these people have of Christ. What do they think of Him?
  2. What is the proposition of Lesson 29?
  3. Was Jesus ever guilty of sin? Was he ever accused of sin? Explain.
  4. The author says that Jesus is either a DIVINE BEING or a BLASPHEMER. Present the evidence the author uses to support this claim.
  5. What is the author affirming in Lesson 30?
  6. Write a paragraph refuting the idea that the four gospel writers invented Jesus.
  7. Identify and explain three arguments against the idea that Jesus was the product of mythology.
  8. Sum up one of C. S. Lewis’ arguments against the idea that the Gospel accounts are legends and myths.
  9. What is Form Criticism (Formgeschichte)?
  10. How does Clark Pinnock express his rejection of Form Criticism?

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