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Hermeneutics - Lesson 10

Hermeneutics - The Science of Interpretation

Chapter 10

  1. Why it is difficult to explain exactly what a parable is in the Old Testament and the New Testament, according to Stein? Be brief and to the point.
  2. Give a basic, “stripped-down” definition of “parable” (if you didn’t already do so in question no. 1).
  3. Give the basic idea of the method of interpreting a parable as allegory.
  4. Stein maintains that “A Parable Teaches a Main Point.” Identify two of the parables he discusses in this section and identify the main point in each.
  5. Stein maintains that the point the Evangelist (gospel writer) intended to make in recording a parable of Jesus was often different from the point that Jesus intended to make. Explain briefly how Stein illustrates this point.
  6. What are Stein’s four “Guidelines for Arriving at the Main Point”? Illustrate/explain two of the four.

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