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Preparation of Sermons - Lesson 4

Book One, Chapter 4, and Book Two, Chapter 3

Book One, Chapter 4 "The Text"

  1. Knott claims that there has been a tendency in modern times to depart from the use of a text in preaching. What reasons does he give for this tendency? Consider the preaching you are exposed to (or the preaching that you do!). Do you agree with Knott’s assessment? Explain.
  2. What advantages may be gained by using texts? Sum up as clearly as you can four advan- tages that Knott presents.
  3. Identify and explain two homiletical advantages to be gained by using a text.
  4. Passages of scripture, according to Knott, do not all have the same value. Some passages, he maintains, need to be used with discretion. Explain and give an example or two.
  5. Select three passages or texts for three sermons. List the theme, the text, and the proposition for each. Justify the validity of each of your three propositions.

Book Two, Chapter 3, "The Scripture"

Drawing on Knott’s presentation in this chapter:

  1. Identify a whole Book of the Bible which could be used as the text for an expository sermon. Explain how this could be done.
  2. Do the same with one chapter of the Bible.
  3. And with one verse.

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