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Preparation of Sermons - Lesson 5

Book One, Chapter 5, and Book Two, Chapter 5

Book One, Chapter 5 "The Introduction"

  1. How does Knott define “Introduction”?
  2. Knott identifies and describes or explains three purposes of the introduction. What are these three purposes? Sum up the important points that Knott develops in his discussion of these purposes.
  3. Knott (p. 70) claims that some texts may be explained without relating them to the Book as a whole or to the chapter in which they occur. Cite three different books of the Bible which contain texts that illustrate this point, and tell why this claim is true. If you disagree, explain.
  4. A sermon needs a proposition, says Knott. Define “proposition.” Why is a proposition important?
  5. The development of an introduction to a sermon based on a subject should differ from one based on a text in only one way. What is this one difference?
  6. Select a text, give its theme, write out in full its introduction, and underline the proposition.
  7. Show how you have given attention to each of the three purposes of a good introduction.
  8. You are preparing a twenty-five minute sermon. About how many minutes should be used for the introduction?

Book Two, Chapter 5 "The Introduction"

  1. Are there ways, according to Knott, in which the introduction to an expository sermon should be different from an introduction to any other type of sermon? Explain.

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