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Acts - Lesson 6

Acts of the Apostles - Lesson 6

Pages 209-262

  1. Peter says that “God is no respecter of persons.” How does he support this claim?
  2. What purpose was served when the Holy Spirit was poured on the Gentiles?
  3. What prompted Peter’s defense before the Christians in Jerusalem?
  4. What was the outcome of Peter’s defense? --short range and long range?
  5. What brought about the founding of the church in Antioch?
  6. Why was Barnabas sent to Antioch? (What did he do in Antioch?)
  7. For what purpose did Barnabas bring Saul to Antioch?
  8. For what purpose did Saul and Barnabas leave Antioch to go to Judea?
  9. How did Herod’s persecution of James and Peter affect the church?
  10. God saved Peter’s life and permitted James to die. Any thoughts on how to account for the difference?
  11. What does Luke say about the progress of the church following Herod’s death?

Note: Read Excursus A and answer the following questions:

  1. List the four objections offered to the possibility that baptism might have some connection with the remission of sins.
  2. List the four groups of Scriptures McGarvey offers as proof that there is a connection between baptism and the remission of sins. Identify each class.
  3. In one sentence, explain the relationship of baptism and the remission of sins.

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