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Acts - Lesson 7

Acts of the Apostles - Lesson 7

Paul's First Missionary Journey

Vol. 2 pp. 1-52

  1. Match the cities that Paul and Barnabas visited with the countries or provinces in which they are located. A map of Paul’s journey might be helpful. The NIV Study Bible is one source. There are others.



    1. ______ Perga

    a. Pamphlia

    2. ______ Selucia

    3. ______ Iconium

    b. Cyprus

    4. ______ Antioch (#1)

    5. ______ Antioch (#2)

    c. Syria

    6. ______ Lystra

    5. ______ Salamis

    d. Pisidia

    6. ______ Attalia

    5. ______ Derbe

    e. Lycaonia

    6. ______ Paphos

  2. Trace Paul’s journey by cities visited. List them in order on the outbound journey and on the return journey.
  3. Identify, city by city, key people and groups of people that Paul met along the way and tell briefly about the roles they played in Paul’s experiences. Include both those who accepted Paul’s message and those who fiercely opposed him.
  4. Identify and describe, in chronological order, the miracles that occurred as a part of Paul’s ministry on this first journey. Include an account of the work of the Holy Spirit.

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