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Acts - Lesson 8

Acts of the Apostles - Lesson 8

Vol. 2, pp. 53-74

  1. What conflict arose between the Jews and the Gentile disciples in Antioch?
  2. Who was responsible for introducing this conflict in Antioch?
  3. Why did Jewish Christians insist that Gentile Christians should keep the Law of Moses? (Consider McGarvey’s thoughts.)
  4. Was there any question in the minds of Paul and Barnabas concerning the will of God in this matter?
  5. What decision was made to help settle the conflict and come to a universal understanding?
  6. Sum up the points of Peter’s argument that Gentiles did not need to keep the Law of Moses.
  7. What was James’ summary of the discussion?
  8. Why the fourfold prohibition for Gentile converts listed here?
  9. What decision was made by the apostles and elders?
  10. How do we know that their decision was the will of God?
  11. How did the church in Antioch benefit from the report of the men who were sent to them?

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