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Acts - Lesson 9

Acts of the Apostles - Lesson 8

Paul's Second Missionary Journey

Vol. 2, pp. 75-145

  1. Paul’s second missionary journey was preceded by a squabble with Barnabas. Explain.
  2. Whom did Paul choose as his partner for this journey? What do we know about him?
  3. What are we told about Timothy in chapter 16? His home? His parents? His qualifications?
  4. Why did Paul have Timothy circumcised?
  5. Paul was not permitted to preach in two different provinces (territories). Tell this story briefly.
  6. What led Paul to travel to Macedonia to preach?
  7. Tell briefly the story of Lydia and her relationship with Paul.
  8. Paul and Silas spent some time in prison. Why were they imprisoned? How did they handle this experience? What were some positive results? Tell about their release.
  9. Compare Paul’s experiences in Thessalonica with those in Berea. Include positive and negative experiences.
  10. Describe the religious conditions that confronted Paul in the city of Athens. How did Paul respond? How was his message received?
  11. Compile a list of the people and specific groups of people who were converted by Paul on this journey. Identify chapter and verse for all of them.
  12. Identify the following people. Describe their experiences and the roles they played in the story of Paul and his co-workers.
    1. Gallio
    2. Crispus
    3. Epicurean philosophers
    4. Priscilla and Aquila
    5. Titus Justus
    6. Jason
    7. Sosthenes
    8. Claudius

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