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Acts - Lesson 11

Acts of the Apostles - Lesson 11

Vol. 2, pp. 203-248

  1. Acts 21:18 “Paul went with us unto James.” Who is this James? What is known about him?
  2. Acts 21:23, 24 What was the purpose of the suggestion that Paul should join the four men who had taken a vow?
  3. Why did Paul agree to this proposal? Consider McGarvey’s thoughts.
  4. What is a “chiliarch”? What part does a chiliarch have in the arrest of Paul?
  5. What did Paul hope to accomplish in his address to the mob? Why did the mob interrupt the address?
  6. Why was a scourging ordered for Paul? How was it prevented?
  7. What was the purpose for bringing Paul before the Sanhedrin? How did Paul frustrate the effort of the Sandedrin to condemn him? Why did it work?
  8. Describe the conspiracy that was formed to kill Paul. How was it discovered and frustrated?
  9. Tell a little about Claudius Lysias and his treatment of Paul.
  10. The Jews asked Festus to bring Paul from Caesarea to Jerusalem to stand trial. What was their plan, if Festus had agreed?
  11. At the trial in Caesarea, Paul said in his own defense that he had not sinned against _____________________________, _______________________________, or _________________________________.
  12. What circumstances led to Paul’s appeal to Caesar?
  13. p. 246 How does McGarvey justify his use of “demon-worship” in verse 19? Check the corresponding word or phrase used in two or three other translations. What do you find?
  14. Why might Agrippa be more interested than Festus in hearing Paul’s story? And how had Agrippa’s family been linked to the life and ministry of Jesus?

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