The Christian Restoration Association

Serving Christ and His Church since 1922.


Christian Bible Institute
Christian Bible Institute is an online study program that is designed to offer special training for elders, deacons, teachers and other Christians to help provide more proficient leadership for the churches. Contact:Harold Orndorff,

The CRA is often asked to hold Bible Conferences in various areas to supplement the work that is being done by the local congregation. We will work with areas to provide speakers and a program to bring the best in Bible education to an area. Right now we are working with some of the churches in Florida and Arizona and will sponsor a Bible Conference in 2015 in Florida.

Recycled Riches
The Christian Restoration Association has funds that have been left in our keeping with which to help the churches. We are required to charge a low interest rate with some of the funds. Recycled Riches is a no-interest lending fund where Christians are helping Christians.

Every two years, the CRA sponsors a Symposium that deals with a current issue in Christendom. In 1998 we dealt with Calvinism under the title: Trust God. In the year 2000, the theme was "Sir, We Would See Jesus!" For 2014 the theme will be "Follow!"

The CRA has always been interested in reaching the world for Christ. We have always had experienced men working with us in the field of evangelism. If you need help, please contact the CRA.