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Acts - Lesson 1

Acts of the Apostles - Lesson 1

Pages vii-18

  1. In the Introduction, McGarvey cites one important reason why Acts had once been a much neglected book. Indicate the reason.
  2. Why is “Acts of Apostles” a more appropriate title for the book than “The Acts of the Apostles”?
  3. Name the person who was Luke’s principal source of information. Why was this so?
  4. Give two arguments in support of the credibility of Luke, the author of Acts.
  5. What are the two “great divisions” of the book?
  6. Who was the “principal agent . . . in directing all the labors of the apostles . . . .”?
  7. To whom was the book addressed? The meaning of the name?
  8. How did Jesus prepare the Apostles for their work prior to his ascension?
  9. What was the “promise of the Father”? (verse 4, page 4)
  10. What misunderstanding is implied in the question recorded in verse 6? (page 4)
  11. After receiving the power of the Holy Spirit, the Apostles were to be witnesses in ___________, __________, ____________, __________________________.
  12. The ascension of Jesus is recorded by which two of the four gospel writers?
  13. What may have been the purpose of listing the names of the Apostles in verse 13, according to McGarvey? (p. 10)
  14. Who are “his brethren” in verse 14 and what is significant about the fact that they are present?
  15. What experience qualified a man to be chosen as an Apostle?
  16. Why choose by lot rather than be election?

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