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Acts - Lesson 12

Acts of the Apostles - Lesson 12

Vol. 2, pp. 248-292

  1. In addition to Festus, who joined Agrippa in hearing Paul state his case publicly?
  2. Agrippa was a member (a “scion”) of what family?
  3. What was the purpose of Festus in bringing Paul before Agrippa?
  4. Mention at least one reason why Agrippa was prepared to be an intelligent listener to Paul’s presentation.
  5. Consider chapter 26:9-18. Does Paul include anything in this account of his conversion that is not recorded in chapters 9 and 22? Explain.
  6. Why did Festus interrupt Paul’s speech and what did he say?
  7. Paul asked Agrippa, “Believest thou the prophets?” What was Agrippa’s response?
  8. Agrippa found no fault in Paul. Why did he not set him free?
  9. Name two people who set out on the voyage to Rome with Paul.
  10. How was Paul treated by Julius? An example of his treatment?
  11. Part way into the journey Paul has some advice for those in charge. Explain. Who overruled Paul’s advice?
  12. The ship Paul is sailing on gets into serious trouble, but Paul tells the crew to be of good cheer. What is the basis for this encouragement?
  13. How did those aboard the ship escape safely to land?
  14. Tell briefly the story of Paul’s encounter with a viper. How did the barbarians interpret this episode?
  15. Paul was not confined to a prison in Rome. Describe his living conditions and his activities during his stay in Rome.

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