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Acts - Lesson 2

Acts of the Apostles - Lesson 2

Pages 19-66

  1. The day of Pentecost. Sum up the information which McGarvey presents about this special day. Meaning of the word? It occurs when? Other names for the event?
  2. Identify and describe the manifestations of miraculous power which occurred on the Pentecost of Acts 2.
  3. What was the miracle of tongues? Who spoke in tongues on that day?
  4. What various reactions were expressed by those who witnessed this happening?
  5. How do you account for a negative reaction?
  6. Any thoughts on the difference between the speaking in tongues on the day of Pentecost and contemporary “speaking in tongues”? (If not, proceed to the next question.)
  7. The word “preach” means to proclaim or announce. List the things Peter preached on this occasion.
  8. Harmonize: Salvation by grace (Ephesians 2:8) and the commandments of Acts 2:38.
  9. How many were added on the day of Pentecost, and to what were they added?
  10. What were the daily activities of the church in its first few months of existence?
  11. Explain the occasion and the healing of the lame man. What lessons are taught here?
  12. How did this miracle produce the desired effect and even more than was expected?
  13. Whose faith is referred to in 3:16? (p. 55) Explain.
  14. Explain why the Jews were not excused from guilt because of their ignorance of the deity of Christ.
  15. Give an adequate definition of "repentance."

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