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Acts - Lesson 4

Acts of the Apostles - Lesson 4

Pages 116-164

  1. Acts 7:1 “And the high priest said, ‘Are these things so?’ What are “these things” that the high priest is referring to?
  2. Stephen’s discourse, for the most part, doesn’t seem to answer the high priest. Does Stephen at some point get around to answering him? Explain.
  3. How did Saul participate in the death of Stephen?
  4. Luke sums up the activities that followed the death of Stephen. What were they?
  5. Give an account of the labors of Philip in Samaria. What was Simon’s response to Philip?
  6. Summarize the ministry of Peter and John in Samaria.
  7. What was the wicked proposal by Simon?
  8. How did Peter respond to Simon?
  9. For what purpose was Philip directed to go to the desert border of Gaza?
  10. Why was this area called “desert”?
  11. What do we learn about the Ethiopian eunuch?
  12. Who instigated the meeting of Philip and the eunuch? What is significant about this?
  13. Are there any lessons in personal evangelism to be learned from Philip’s example?
    If so, explain one or two such lessons.
  14. What is included in “preached unto him Jesus”?
  15. Why do many theologians deny the fact of the eunuch’s immersion?
  16. What followed the immersion of the eunuch?

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