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Apologetics - Lesson 11

Apologetics - Christian Evidences

Book Lessons 35-36

  1. What did R. A. Torrey say about the importance of the bodily resurrection of Christ?
  2. If Christ has not been raised, how is our preaching vain?
  3. If Christ has not been raised, in what way is our faith vain?
  4. If Christ has not been raised, could we not still rely on the mercy of God to forgive us?
  5. Which of the disciples witnessed the resurrection of our Lord and wrote about it?
  6. What does J. W. McGarvey say are the three things upon which the force of human testimony depends?
  7. The author speaks of the "candor" of the apostles as witnesses. Define the word and give examples of their candor.
  8. The author says that there was a difference in the disciples after the ascension and the coming of the Holy Spirit. What were they like before the resurrection? And how were they different afterwards? Use the scriptures listed to develop your answer. p. 135b
  9. “The Evangelists are then tested by these five points.” (p. 136) Identify the five points referred to here.
  10. What is Greenleaf’s conclusion about the testimony of the Evangelists?

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