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Apologetics - Lesson 12

Apologetics - Christian Evidences

Book Lessons 37-39

  1. How was the deity of Christ made known? Cite and quote at least one Scripture reference.
  2. Does the Old Testament prophesy the resurrection? Support your answer.
  3. Did the disciples believe that the resurrection was a fact? What price did they pay for their convictions?
  4. Did Jesus ever predict that He would rise from the dead? Cite four or five instances.
  5. How many appearances did Jesus make to various disciples or groups after his resurrection? Identify some of the most important appearances.
  6. List the five “monuments” that bear witness to the resurrection of Christ.
  7. How does the author explain this order: Christ – Church – Book ?
  8. Explain briefly the difference between the baptism of John and the baptism from Pentecost on.
  9. What did Lord George Lyttelton say was a demonstration sufficient to prove Christianity to be of divine revelation? What four propositions did he lay down to reach his conclusion?
  10. What explains Saul’s motive for making his turn-around from persecutor to staunch follower of Christ?
  11. Looking at the entire story of Saul’s conversion, give a brief statement as to what one or more things caused Saul to become a believer.

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