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Apologetics - Lesson 2

Apologetics - Christian Evidences

Book Lessons 4-7

  1. The book says that “We cannot prove God by anything.” How does the author support this position? (What are some of his most helpful ideas?)
  2. How does the author explain the view that “God is unknowable”?
  3. In his natural state, man is ignorant and guilty. What antidote has God provided for man in this condition?
  4. What is natural [or general] revelation? Sum up some helpful information presented in the text.
  5. What are some limitations of general revelation? (p. 22)
  6. Define Christian theism.
  7. Define and explain pantheism.
  8. Define and explain deism.
  9. Dr. Frank Allen sets forth “four possible solutions to the problem of the origin of matter.” What are these four possible solutions?
  10. Give a summary of Dr. Allen's discussion of these theories. Which one does he accept?
  11. What are the two laws of thermodynamics? How do they cause problems for the theory that matter is eternal?

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