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Church History

The text for this course is The Church Through the Ages, by John W. Wade. This book, which covers “the high points and some of the low points in the life of the church from the beginning until the present,” is included in a volume titled The Church: A Trilogy, which can be ordered from the C. R. A.

The text for this course includes thirteen chapters. Questions to be answered are found at the end of each chapter. To complete lesson 1, read through chapter 1 and answer the questions. Work on through the book in this manner. Since C.B.I. courses consist of twelve lessons, the requirement for this course is to combine book chapters 12 and 13 to serve as course lesson 12. Read through the two chapters and answer the questions for either chapter 12 or 13.

Questions may be directed to C.B.I. Director, Harold Orndorff, at

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