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Preparation of Sermons - Lesson 1

Book One, Chapter 1 "The Sermon: Its Definition and Purpose"

  1. Define “sermon.”
  2. Define “homiletics” and distinguish between homiletics and the sermon.
  3. Identify and explain the importance of each part of Phelps’ definition of a sermon.

Book Two, Chapter 1 "The Value of Expository Preaching"

  1. What is an expository sermon? How does it differ from other types?
  2. What are some specific values of expository preaching?
  3. Explain how the expository method helps to answer the question: “What shall I preach about next Sunday?”
  4. How does expository preaching make it easier to introduce topics that are unwelcome?
  5. How is expository preaching beneficial not only to the preacher but also to the congregation?
  6. Knott maintains that “exposition is one of the rarest products of the pulpit.” How does he explain this predicament? What are some of the causes?

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