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Preparation of Sermons - Lesson 8

Book One, Chapter 8, and Book Two, Chapter 8

Book One, Chapter 8 "The Conclusion"

  1. Write an outline of the content of this chapter. Identify and explain a.) the main points made with regard to the importance of the conclusion, and b.) the methods that can be used to conclude effectively. Roughly three hundred words should do the job—not many more and not a lot fewer.
  2. Prepare a sermon outline with the conclusion written out in full.
  3. Describe the qualities that should make your conclusion (in no. 2) effective, and which kind of conclusion is it?

Book Two, Chapter 8 “Conclusion”

  1. Does Knott make any important points in this chapter that he did not make in Book One, Chapter 8? If so, identify and explain them. Do not repeat material you presented in question No. 1 above.

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