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Preparation of Sermons - Lesson 9

Book One, Chapter 9, and Book Two, Chapter 9

Book One, Chapter 9 “Types of Sermons”

  1. Write either a textual sermon or a topical sermon that contains a theme, a text, a brief introduction (including the proposition), main divisions, some sub-divisions, and a brief conclusion. This should be about a 20-minute sermon—25 at the most.
  2. Knott asks (question 2., page 130)—“Do you observe any dangers from the use of the textual sermon?” What do you think? Does Knott suggest any dangers? If so, what are they?

Book Two, Chapter 9 “Qualities Requisite for Success as an Expositor”

  1. What are the qualities requisite for success as an expositor, according to Knott? List and explain them. Do you have any additional thoughts based on your own experience and observation?

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