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Hermeneutics - Lesson 1

Hermeneutics - The Science of Interpretation

Chapter 1

  1. In one sentence, define “hermeneutics.”
  2. Stein writes: “Some have suggested that meaning is a property of the text. It is the text that determines what a writing means.” (p. 18) In less than 50 words, present Stein’s best argument against this position.
  3. Stein also writes: "Some interpreters claim that the meaning of a text is determined by the reader." Do the same here. Lay out two good arguments against this view.

Choose 4. or 5. Answer as indicated.

  1. Sum up Stein's presentation of "The Author . . . as the Determiner of Meaning."
  2. Identify, explain-- and refute-- one significant objection to "the author as the determiner of meaning."
  3. Sum up in less than 100 words Stein's most useful, most convincing ideas in his discussion of "The Role of the Author."

Choose 7. or 8.

  1. Do the same (as in 6.) with Stein's discussion of "The Role of the Text."
  2. Or with his discussion of "The Role of the Reader."

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