Christian Bible Institute

The Christian Bible Institute is a self-paced online study program offered by the CRA. It is designed to increase the knowledge of God’s people in the areas of Bible, Theology, Church History, and related areas.  The target level of CBI courses is intended to go beyond the typical church class.  It is not designed to be the equivalent of Bible college or Seminary courses.

General Information

Director: Harold Orndorff

Quick Start the CBI

If you are ready to enroll and get started, here is what you must do.  First, visit the CBI Course page:  Select the course(s) you wish to take.  First-time students must also select the Enroll Now option to pay the one-time enrollment fee.  Textbooks can be obtained at the CRA Bookstore.

Once your enrollment is complete, you will receive an email invitation to join the online course at the Canvas website where the courses are administered.  Respond to that invitation.  You will now be able to access your course(s) on Canvas and you are ready to begin.

Questions and Answers

May I take just one subject?
Yes. You are welcome to pick your pace and the number of courses you are taking at a given time.

Will my courses transfer to a Bible college?
Correspondence courses are generally not accepted by resident schools and are not intended to be the equivalent of a college course. However, if requested, a list of your completed courses will be sent to a college for evaluation.

How soon must I finish the course?
Each student works at his own rate. Proceed at a pace that makes you comfortable.

How do I pay for the course?
A one-time registration fee of $15 is required. The cost of books varies. Courses are $36.00 each. This must be paid in advance.


The CBI offers its studies in a completely online format. Students who take the necessary steps to enroll will be invited to join the class(es) of their choice at Canvas, a service dedicated to the online class format.

While the goal of these courses is to increase understanding of the Bible and important areas related to the Bible, you will be assisted in understanding the Bible by the use of textbooks. These offer outlines of the subjects and are intended to stimulate the thinking of students. Each course is built around one textbook.

The goal of each subject is to help the student gain a significant understanding of an area important in advancing the cause of Christ and His church. Students will need to read the lesson material and thoughtfully answer questions about that material in a satisfactory manner. More detailed instructions will be found for each class on the Canvas system.

Students are encouraged to ask questions via the Canvas system, which is designed to facilitate teacher-student interaction. The courses offered here should be considered a directed student-initiated study.

The course list below is current but in the process of being revised. All courses currently available are administered through the Canvas online learning system. If you would like to look at that before signing up for a course, send your request to 

Biblical Studies
Acts of the Apostles
John's Epistles
The Gospel of John
History of Christianity
Church History
The Restoration Movement
Interpreting and Defending the Faith
The Bible - Truth and Authority
Apologetics: A Reasoned Defense of the Christian Faith
Theological Studies
Basic Theology
   Doctrine of Grace
   The New Testament Church

Tuition and Fees

Enrollment: The one-time enrollment fee for each student is $15.00.

Textbooks: Textbooks, as needed, will be available from the Christian Restoration Bookstore and will be made available to students at allowable discounts. Textbooks are subject to change without notice.

Tuition: Tuition fees of $36.00 per course.

Contact Harold Orndorff, director of the Christian Bible Institute to enroll or for more information.