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An Ill Wind is Blowing!
H. Lee Mason
Articles of Note
Examining some of "the winds of change wafting across Christian Churches (independent) in the realm of biblical scholarship."  
Baptism - Ask the Question
Bob Brunk
Articles of Note
A wife of a church member was coming to church regularly. One day she asked me, as the preacher there, if I would come to her home to talk to her about "joining our church." She told me that she had been immersed in a local lake years ago by an Assembly of God minister, so I knew her method of baptism was correct — immersion. Then I asked an absolutely essential follow-up question . . .
CCU 1924-2016
H. Lee Mason
Articles of Note
Dialogue with a Baptist
George Faull
Articles of Note
The Christian preacher had just given the invitation inviting people to come to Christ for salvation. He had quoted Mark 16:16, encouraging them to believe and be baptized. Now it so happened that a Baptist heard the message. He and his wife lingered at the door till everyone was gone. He then confronted the minister.
Doctrinal Trends in the Restoration Movement
Dr. Roger R. Chambers
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First, doctrine is fundamental, not auxiliary. Christianity without doctrine does not exist. Word has somehow got out that orthodox doctrine is the enemy of spirituality. Doctrine is an embarrassed intruder in many congregations.
My Five Finger Exercise
Bob Ponchot
Articles of Note
Walter Scott was a great evangelist and he led many to Christ. He was famous for his "five-finger exercise" in helping people to become Christians. He would say, "Now beginning with your thumb repeat . . .
Restoring a Biblical Appreciation of Unity
H. Lee Mason
Articles of Note
Unity is taking the center stage in this session and our task is to shine the biblical spotlight upon her. It is not the first time that she has been center-stage, and probably not the last time. In fact, each generation must view her in her proper context in order to have the appreciation of her that it should.
Support the Brotherhood's Missions and Beliefs
Kent D. Dunn
Articles of Note
What's wrong with this scenario? "The local Christian church's high school youth group has just raised $600 for World Vision."
The Emergent Church: "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"
Barry Thornton
Articles of Note
How Has It All Happened? Like a wolf in sheep's clothing, the Emergent Church Movement has crept into the church, bringing New Age teaching wrapped in mysticism. Much of the church has become susceptible to variant forms of false teaching from Emergents because of a slippery slope away from a Biblically-and-God centered theology.
keys_of_the_kingdom---cropped The Keys of the Kingdom by Brian Geise
The Keys of the Kingdom
Brian Geise
Articles of Note
We, in the Restoration Movement, are dedicated to unity in Christ through the restoration of the New Testament Church. One of the most important aspects of this effort is restoring the New Testament plan of salvation. Unfortunately, the devil has succeeded in confusing this issue even among conservative Christians. Why can’t we give the same answer to the question “What must I do to be saved?” One way to sort out this problem is to understand the keys of the Kingdom.
The Muslim Holy War Against Blasphemers
Saleem Massey
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Those who do not embrace Islam are regarded as blasphemers in countries dominated by the adherents of that religion. The prophet Muhammad commanded his followers to wage a holy war (Jehad) against such blasphemers. If the "blasphemers" accept Islam, they live. If they do not, they die. 
Why I Did Not Baptize the Baby
Clint Gill & Dr. P. H. Welshimer
Articles of Note
Dr. P. H. Welshimer was senior minister of First Christian Church in Canton, Ohio. Each year during most of that time, he preached on Children's Day a sermon he called "Why I Did Not Baptize The Baby." As a young preacher, I obtained a copy of Dr. Welshimer's outline and followed his example. The majority of the material presented here is his. To keep the work contemporary, I have revised it somewhat but the message remains the same. I present it here for the reasons he gave in his introduction: